Repetitive music in the workplace bores customers

Are You Boring Your Customers? Replace Repetitive Music In The Workplace

Let's talk about a common problem: repetitive music in the workplace.
We’ve all been there, shopping, dining, or working at a restaurant or retail store, hearing the same songs over and over. Especially during the holidays. Do we really need to hear back-to-back versions of “White Christmas” by different artists? What about hearing two Michael Jackson songs, one after another? Hey, I’m not a Grinch, and I’m definitely a Michael Jackson fan, but my music-loving ears can only take so much!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a restaurant and heard the same song twice in a single hour. To me, this distracts me from the brand experience. It's practically unforgivable, especially today, where new music is made widely available and easy to purchase. Thanks to social media, music blogs, and services like iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify, the average consumer is hyper-educated about the tunes they love. There’s no longer an excuse for repetitive, boring background music. It is simply a lack of attention to detail, and as a respected and thoughtful business owner, you already know "the devil’s in the details". You might think it's a trivial point- and granted, this is somewhat subliminal - but customers don’t always speak up about their objections or subconscious feelings. Instead of telling management, they might decide to voice themselves online through peer review sites like Yelp. Worse, they might simply not return.

If your customers can be annoyed by repetitive background music in a short window of time, how much more fatigued and agitated do you think your staff must be, listening to the same songs on repeat each day? This can create a tense emotional feedback loop, where low employee satisfaction begins to affect your customer experience. As the old adage goes, “A happy wife = a happy life.” Similarly, “A happy staff = happy customers.”
How can you keep things sounding fresh? What about the challenge of the holiday season - that time of year where background music seems to be at the forefront of complaints by customers and staff alike? That’s where repetition avoidance comes in.

At Auratunes, our proprietary programming method and playback software eliminates this audio assault by making sure that two songs by the same artist, or two versions of the same song are never played back-to-back, or within a few hours of each other. Our repetition avoidance technology combined with our constantly updated libraries allow us to ensure that your background sound remains consistent with your overall vibe, while still providing plenty of musical variety. When you hire one of our trusted sonic architects, you'll never have to be frustrated by repetitive music in the workplace again. So don't suffer another season of looped tunes. Set yourself apart with the Auratunes difference, and make yourself heard . . . the right way.

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