What We Do

Here are just a few of the services we currently offer.
To get a quote or just learn more about our capabilities, please contact us directly:
888-510-AURA (2872).

Background Music Solutions

It's all about the ambiance: If your space is retail or hospitality based - Auratunes can help you set the tone and sell the experience. We develop custom music channels to compliment and enhance your brand, programmed with the right sound for your vibe. Your playlists intelligently evolve throughout the day, while our signature repetition avoidance, volume consistency and broadcast-quality transitions maintain a stress-free environmental soundtrack.

Sonic Branding

Attract and engage the buyers you want with Auratunes' comprehensive sonic marketing services, and turn your customers into brand ambassadors. Music is increasingly essential to today's consumers. In a competitive marketplace, the sonic identity of your brand can speak volumes. We work with you to achieve your definitive sound across all types of broadcast mediums, including in-store, radio, television, internet, and more.

Custom Audio Production

When your audio project requires the mind of a music professional, think Auratunes! Our team has over 20 years experience in the fields of audio programming & production, and we are ready to delve in and give your project the special attention it requires. Auratunes is available for custom audio production, music supervision projects, track edits and remixes, in-house commercial cuts & more. Contact us today for quotes: 888-510-2872.