Custom Background Music Solutions

Music Programming – The Auratunes Difference

Auratunes develops custom background music channels to intuitively support your brand identity.

After personally consulting with you and your team to understand the overall vibe of your company, our sonic architects start cultivating your distinctive sound, creating a thoughtful blend of music grouped into day-part playlists. With music specifically tailored to the aesthetic of your space, whether it's a retail storefront, restaurant, hotel, casino floor, or anything in-between, we combine your input with our musical expertise, complimenting and enhancing your environment with content uniquely suited to your desired demographic.

Our programmers draw from a robust music library that grows every day, and our team is continuously screening new and trending music on behalf of your brand. Your Auratunes subscription includes regular program updates.

We can also easily incorporate any custom elements you desire into the program, such as branded in-house advertisements or sponsored content.

All our clients receive the utmost consideration and care, including the following benefits:

Sample Case Studies

Casual Bistro + Confectionery : Breakfast Playlist Sample:
Complimenting the space's feminine charm, broad demographic, and the owner's personal tastes, this combination restaurant/retail space was programmed with a variety of soft rock and pop, melodic electronica, retro remakes and remixes, and international flavors.

Vegas Sushi Joint - Happy Hour Playlist Sample:
Musically speaking, this is one of our most diverse clients, pulling from a wide range of genres and decades, while favoring an alternative edge. They wanted a very energetic and familiar mix of old and new to engage a wide variety of clientele for their upbeat atmosphere.

Baltimore Brewpub - Peak Hours Playlist Sample:
This client was fairly specific in their programming choices. Rooted firmly in Indie Rock and Alternative, they desired measured doses of Classic Rock, Indie Pop, Modern Rock, and Electronica that fit their progressive aesthetic, while remaining familiar and engaging enough for a wide audience.


Your music is grouped into custom playlists for specific hours of operation, reflecting changes in patron density, demographic mix, energy levels, and overall vibe. You can also request specialized builds, such as unique playlists for special events or weekly themed promotions.


We eliminate jarring jumps in perceived audio levels from song to song, maintaining consistent volumes throughout the entire library


You’ll never hear back-to-back tracks from the same artist, or even a cover of the same track, within a specified time frame. Our proprietary repetition avoidance algorithms minimize redundancy, alleviating boredom for customers and staff.


We procure or create clean, censored versions of songs. Plus, if you need to project an even higher level of professionalism or a G-rated, family-friendly atmosphere, we can filter out content containing themes inappropriate for your audience.


Musical flow can improve customer engagement, increase turnover rates, and even drive sales. AuraTunes provides shorter radio edits, single edits, or proprietary edits of songs for improved playback pacing and audio presentation.


With automated playlist scheduling, the soundtrack of your brand runs smoothly, just as you intended it, with a purposeful flow that evolves throughout the business day. Plus, the feed is secure, so you don’t have to worry about playlist tampering by staff, keeping the integrity of your brand in your hands.


There’s no need to worry about dead air or uncomfortable pauses. We inspect all content, and our systems intelligently handle playback.


Beyond simple crossfades, our proprietary software intelligently analyzes the beginning and ending of each song for broadcast-quality transitions, providing a seamless presentation and unbeatable flow.


We get new music every day, and we’re constantly on the hunt for new artists, remixes, and innovative covers. We’ll update your music library every month, ensuring you’re on the cutting edge.


Our system ensures that all songs in your library get equal plays over time, while your freshest content will be played more frequently for a window of time following each update.


Your entire music library undergoes intelligent automatic content shuffling on a daily basis, providing a balanced rotation of tracks. Our system also provides avoidance technology, making sure the same track isn’t repeated within a few hours, and the same songs will not play during the same hour within a week.


Need custom branded in-store announcements? We can produce and include them in your regularly scheduled playlists.


We always work closely with our clients to attain the best possible music environment for your business, modifying selections and playlists as needed. Personalized, white glove service is what we’re all about. We even include an initial on- site assessment and consultation.


Just because it’s on the charts doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right for your concept. We carefully and conscientiously explore the right options, collaborating with you to achieve meaningful, maximum results. The music we don’t program is just as important as the music we do. That’s part of our commitment to excellence.