Sonic Branding

Marketing with Sound

When your marketing incorporates multiple platforms, such as sound logos, radio spots, TV commercials, live events, and more, you've opened up multiple opportunities to sonically engage your customers. Music is increasingly essential to consumers across all demographics; they're tuned in, adopting musical cultures as part of their personal identity, wearing “their” sound on their sleeve.

Why should they tune in to you?

That’s where sonic branding comes in. Each encounter in your multi-faceted marketing campaign represents a moment of emotional potential. The right sound in the right spot can enhance your message, drawing customers in, increasing brand loyalty and sales.

Make those moments count: with Auratunes’ sonic branding services, you can broadcast your brand identity loud and clear.

Take advantage of our intuitive guidance, advice, selection, and production. From single-project consultations to full-campaign music supervision, Auratunes has the tools and expertise to make the most of every audio interaction, every step of the way.

Sonic Branding Samples
Las Vegas Business Promo Video – Music Supervision by Auratunes.

Soulburn: Mixed Signals – Intro
Branded podcast intro: voiceover, mixing, and mastering by Auratunes.

Robert Oleysyck: The Feel Sessions – Podcast Intro
Original Sound Logo design: voiceover, mixing, and mastering by Auratunes.


We’ll meet with you and your team to evaluate the specific goals of your sonic branding initiative. By examining all pre-existing visual, print, audio, and conceptual collateral, as well as product lines, target demographics, and overall brand aesthetics, we’ll zero-in on a cohesive sonic message that reinforces your campaign's themes and ideas, attracting the buyers you desire while enhancing delivery of your brand into the mainstream consciousness.


When was the last time you “Shazam'ed” a TV commercial? With our broad, encyclopedic music expertise, and access to the newest releases, we can spark that sudden interest in your customers, igniting your campaign with the fire you desire. Through discerning and creative music choices, Auratunes can help communicate the passion you've put into your company and products, drawing consumers into your brand experience.


We receive and review music every day, and our team catalogs the aural value, meaning, and feeling of each release in our collective conscious. The right selection can tie your brand to a hot new artist or a great track, even associating your brand with an established artists’ built-in audience. Is your product or service targeted at a certain market or lifestyle choice? Auratunes can help your potential buyers identify with your brand, creating social awareness and an emotional investment in your company, attracting an initial audience and encouraging repeat sales.


We’re aware of what’s going on in the advertising landscape and can provide you with an array of choices that aren’t already being used in another campaign.


Who wouldn’t want to be associated with a brand new artist or emerging track? Ignite inspiration in your potential followers by taking advantage of our counsel on music trends and rising stars.


Beyond selecting the right music, we’ll negotiate and secure the proper licenses required for your particular broadcast medium.


Let’s say we’ve found just the right song for your brand. We can distill that song down into a short significant message, or recognizable sonic 'fingerprint'. Whether you need a 30-second TV commercial, a 2-minute web presentation, or a 60-second radio spot, editing the essential portion of audio for your sonic fingerprint to contain a recognizable hook can make all the difference. Auratunes can create custom edits for advertisements of any length.