Who We Are

What is a Sonic Architect? A craftsman; a tastemaker whose mind can engineer creative solutions for a variety of challenges.

Our Sonic Architects bring to the table over 20 years experience playing with the psychology of sound. When you choose Auratunes, you harness that experience: From music programming and audio production to composition and music supervision, Auratunes has the know-how to bring your project to market.

CEO and Chief Sonic Architect, Robert Oleysyck, is credited with being one of the founders of the dance music scene in Las Vegas. A respected and diverse talent, his list of accomplishments is long, including numerous Vegas DJ residencies and music supervision and audio production for Wynn Las Vegas, RA Sushi, Billboard Magazine, and more.

These days, he dedicates himself to solving sonic problems for his clients. He describes how he moved from just DJing to the music programming world:

"For me, the whole music programming thing started in 2005 when I was asked to open the new RA Sushi as the resident DJ. I never really gave much thought to background music, but one night as I was setting up, one song came on the house speakers really loud; I ran over to the volume adjustment on the wall and lowered it. The next song came on really soft, so again, I changed the volume. I talked to the manager, and he said, 'Yeah, that happens all the time, we just have to deal with it.'
...I thought to myself, 'This is awful, there’s got to be a better way.' "

Now, Robert has launched his newest venture, Auratunes, with the continuing mission to design and construct sonic business solutions.
Armed with a meticulous attention to detail and an elevated level of caring about each project, Robert adopts each client's brand as if it were his own. He displaces himself to make room for each client's needs, empathizing with them to deliver results that surprise and delight.

Robert Oleysyck
Chief Sonic Architect

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